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Catalogue available: Danny Senden


Danny Senden traditionally uses a very small basket for the National long distance races, however he is able to bring remarkable results to the table. Danny keeps his pigeons together with his brother Luc in Herk-de-Stad in Limburg, they have a reputation for achieving great results with a small basket. The Senden brothers won their first provincial victory in 1990 from Châteauroux, they won the car race from Bourges in 1996, and they have continued to increase their level of performance from 2010 onwards.


They were Provincial Champion in the Long Distance club of Limburg in 2002, and they won a first provincial prize in 2004 and 2009 from Châteauroux and Montauban respectively, both times with just one pigeon in the basket! They also won a first provincial prize from Argenton young birds in 2009 with ‘Fabian’, which was the best young bird of Belgium in the National races from Bourges and Argenton. Their pigeon ‘Lucas’ BE10-5041687, named after Danny’s son, won the title of 3rd Best Young Bird in the national races from Bourges, Argenton and Guéret in 2010. Their pigeon ‘Miss Souillac’ BE09-5163709 claimed a provincial win from Souillac in 2011, and she won another provincial first prize one season later, this time from Tulle. 

5. National Acebird Great Middle Distance in 2014
One of the highlights in the racing career of Danny and Luc Senden came in 2014. BE13-806 ‘Daluka’ had a super racing season and became 5. Nat. Acebird Great Middle Distance Yearlings KBDB 2014. This top racing hen is now one of the basic breeders at the loft.  

The best of Pros Roosen and Bart Geerinckx
The foundation of their pigeon breed is fairly straightforward. The two brothers were good friends with the late Pros Roosen, and many of Pros’ best pigeons were moved to the loft in Herk-de-Stad. Some of his pigeons were used for a joint breeding as well. The current pigeon breed of Danny Senden consists of pigeons with Pros Roosen origins, mainly the bloodlines of ‘Freddy’ and ‘Blauwe Prins’. Another main bloodline at the loft are these of the super pigeons of Bart Geerinckx. Especially the offspring of ‘Gladiator’ and also the ‘Wittekop Sylvester’ lines are performing very well.

A super total auction, excl. 30 youngsters of 2023
Now in 2023 Danny and Luc Senden decided to sell all pigeons in a total auction. Due to a relocation of their pigeon lofts they are not able to race and breed on this location. The pigeons, incl. 36 original Bart Geerinckx pigeons, will be sold exclusively on EPW!

Start: Sunday December 10. 2023    
End: Saturday December 16. + Sunday December 17. 2023

Come and visit the exhibition in Lummen (open at 12 PM.) 
(GCOC Oosterhof, Dr. Vanderhoeydonckstraat 56, 3560 Lummen) 

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